GoPro Official Camera Accessories For Sale

GoPro official camera accessories, brand new in-box, plastic-wrapped, never opened. Compatible with all GoPro models, Hero through Hero 7:

  • GoPro Official JAWS Flex Clamp: $20.00
  • GoPro Official Helmet Front + Side Mount: $15.00

Please PM me on Telegram, or submit the info form if interested.

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Niviuk Peak 3 – 27

Niviuk Peak 3 for sale – Less than 50 hours.  This glider has had one owner, and is in great shape.  $1,800.00

Comes complete with Niviuk NKare Bag, and Backpack

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HG shipping tube needed

I need a cardboard hang glider shipping tube. Anybody got one for sale? John 661-204-6875

Longest Shortest Flight Contest Kit (FREE!)

A number of years ago we held the first occasional Longest Shortest Flight Contest HIwich to min mind was a huge success.  We never got it together  to do this again.  I still have my “contest kit” including fliyers, tickets, distance calculator, etc. which I’m about to throw out – if anyone want’s this, come get it.

Free of course.

Robert Ramey


Free hangliding stuff !

Willswing Z5 harness for 5’7″ pilot includes:

  • chute – repacked 2 years ago
  • steel ‘biner
  • hook knife
  • (maybe) water bladder)

Glider bags which fit WW fusion 150.  One is a cross country bag in good condition Others may bave damaged zippers.

small box of misc HG hardware, rings, batten tips, stuff like that.

FREE to the first person willing to take it all!


Robert Ramey

email me at