SBSA BOD elections and meeting

We had an excellent meeting last night!!!

It started off with a discussion of some recent local flights (people have be flying daily all week), then yours truly  conducted some of the local club business and distributed some information that was important to communicate to our local flying community.  We then had some heavy voting (j/k) to lock in our candidate wins for the 2015 board of directors.

The highlight of the night was our guest speaker.  I want to say a big “Thank you!” to Tom “SD” Truax for coming out to meeting last night and giving an excellent XC presentation.  As always he was very enthusiastic about our backyard playground and all the possibilities of routes that we have to fly here.  He covered the weather and what to look for on skew-t charts for our surrounding ranges.  Showed flight logs from his recent, as he called them “Boutique” flights, most of us just called them incredible.  He explained in detail the routes he flew and why he chose to go where he did on those particular days.  Showed various bailouts and ways to get out of the back country if you happened to land out.  I heard from at least two people that it was the best meeting they have been to for the club.  I myself was thoroughly enlightened and learned a ton of new stuff about our ranges.   I’ve included a few pictures from the meeting and presentation.

IMG_5800 IMG_5801 IMG_5804 IMG_5805 IMG_5806 IMG_5807 IMG_5808 IMG_5810


Here are your 2015 SBSA Board of Directors.  A hearty thanks to all those who volunteer their time to help make this club a success.  If you see or run into a board member,  congratulate them and do me a favor, thank them for their effort.

President – James Zender
Vice-President HG – Willy Dydo
Vice-President PG – David Koski
Treasurer –  Cort Flinchbaugh
Secretary – Lauren Selonke
Activities HG – Jeff Galvin
Activities PG – Jon Blake
Public Relations – John Greynald
Elings Park Liaison – Rob Sporrer
Web Master – John McMahon



Pine Mountain is On!

Cruising the coastal fog to get to Ojai and beyond...

Cruising the coastal fog to get to Ojai and beyond…

Thank goodness for computers, because if I looked out the window for my weather, I’d have missed  this day!

Lockwood Valley looking at Frazier Peak

Lockwood Valley looking at Frazier Peak

It looks tame enough in the beginning, but this place is like a huge jet intake, and that little puff ball is the primer!

Truck stop at the I-5

Truck stop at the I-5

Dean tells me if I ever land here, to head to the Mexican restaurant near the middle of this shot.

Looking North towards Bakersfield...Things are really cooking now!

Looking North towards Bakersfield…Things are really cooking now!

Bakersfield looked like a safe option for landing, but what a retrieve that would be!

Looking back at Frasier on my way back towards Pine and Ojai.

Looking back at Frasier on my way back towards Pine and Ojai.

It was so tempting to head back through and jump into the desert out towards Mojave and beyond.

Topping off before the long glide out

Topping off before the long glide out

Have to get back to Oak View by 6 and pick up the kids from the Grandparents house…I am gonna make it!

Self portrait as I cross Reyes  with the Badlands behind...
Self portrait as I cross Reyes with the Badlands behind…




Boy its only 7:1 but it looks so far away…


Got it made!

Got it made!

I sent a Text to Chris G to see if landing at NHS was an option…Yep! was his reply then he got on the radio and gave me wind info which was very helpful!  Looking at my watch I realized I was going to land right at his meet time for going up for a glass off flight from pine.  That would have been too cool hitching a ride back to my car on top.  Fortunately, Ron, Bob and Tom were already on their way back with my rig and the others too. Thanks so much guys.

The things we do to pack on grass...

The things we do to pack on grass…

I have always wanted to try this flight, and it just unfolded in front of me today.  Super sweet!

I understand today (Sunday) was similar or even better, and I can’t wait to hear what the hang pilots have to say when they tell their stories of flying back to SB from Pine…Niiiiiice!

Big props to Aaron and the SoCal league for taking the plunge and trying out Pine.  Thanks also to the launch crew on take off for helping lay out, and for Fast Eddie, (who wasn’t our driver this time) for keeping an eye on us every step of the way. It gives me great confidence knowing folks are keeping an eye out and a radio on. Thanks so much!

Great job to Dave Teal on his big flight, as well as Alex almost making the beach on the glass off. I understand Stephan made goal on the league task and wisely flew past the 50/50 to the sod fields for some well earned grassy packing.




I hadn’t been flying in forever… so when Bart called and asked if I wanted to meet him in Ojai to paraglide at Chief, the two hour drive seemed like a mere inconvenience.

I got up at the crack of dawn and met Bart, Chris, and another new pilot at Nordhoff High School at 9 am and we headed over to check out the LZ. By the time we got back, there were two other pilots waiting. We wasted no time loading the Suburban and by 9:30, we were on our way up.

Just Another Day Of Flyin’

When we got to the top of the mountain, it was blowing over the back… but by the time we got to launch, light cycles were coming in. Bart, NewPilot, and I went over the flight plan with Chris and started to lay out our gear so we didn’t miss the window.

One of the local pilots launched first- but he didn’t get much. He was able to scratch around at Twin Peaks- but was never able to bench back. The rest of us waited for about fifteen minutes until stronger cycles started to come in. NewPilot was first in queue and managed to stay high. It was his third high flight so he played around out front- bouncing back and forth between the peaks. Bart launched next and I followed.

The lift was smooth and strong. We were able to stay high and get higher. There was an inversion around 5.6k that we kept bumping our heads on… but we never gave up and our perseverance paid off. After about 45 minutes of bouncing around, a thermal took us through the inversion and we got to over 6k. I fell out of it and was never able to get back up… after bumping my head some more, it started to shut down. Bart tried to go XC and I headed out front to land. My glide was nice and the air was smooth. Bart said it was pretty rowdy as he headed over to Three Stooges. But alas- the headwind proved too much for a lone paraglider and he turned back and landed right behind me.

It was an amazing day. Can’t wait to do it again!

Bart Up High at Cheif

Bart Up High at Cheif