Reserve re-pack party

Reserve re-pack party

Do you have 2 reserves?

When was the last time your reserve was inspected and re-packed??

Why not make sure that first one works correctly!
We are planning to have a reserve re-pack party on Oct 12th.  Here are the details:

Reserve clinic and repack for HG’s and PG’s
3:00 Sunday, Oct 12
John Greynald’s house
2774 Puesta del sol, S.B.
682-Three Four Eight Three
The Clinic will provide opportunity to practice throwing your chute in the simulator of your choice and then have experienced re-packers inspect your deployment system and repack the reserve with new bands and bungees ( if required ).
Your deployment technique will be analyzed and feedback provided 
The people who design reserve systems recommend that they get repacked every six months. Previous clinics have revealed that about 25% of us have systems that will not deploy correctly. The problems are usually from poor maintenance, improper equipment or limited understanding of deployment sequence issues.
The cost for the repack is $50 and includes simulator use, clinic, food and beverages
Bring your helmets for the simulation!—-kids and dogs welcome.
If you don’t need any repack stuff done, come for the party anyway.
If you’re only doing the repack and can’t stay for the party, you can drop off your harness on the front porch any time during the weekend. Don’t leave all your accessories such as varios and flight suits etc., and please ID your gear
You can pick up your harnesses from the fort porch any time after Tuesday Oct 14th.
See you on Sunday!

Northern California Cross Crountry League Finale in Owens Valley

The finale for the Northern California Cross Country League 2014 will be held in the Owens Valley on 27th, 28th and 29th September. If the weather looks bad, the event will be pushed back by one week.


To fly this event all pilots must:

have registered on the league website: (even if you have registered for SOCAL league)

have a 2m band radio (preferably with a ham license)

have a SPOT with live tracking (or equivalent)

complete a waiver

Accommodation can be found at the TownHouse Motel in Bishop. Rates are $75 per night. If we book 10 rooms we get 10% discount, 15 rooms 15% discount and 20 rooms 20% discount. Call 760 872 4541 to make your booking. Make sure you mention that you are with the paraglider group to get the discount.

Oxygen refills will be available for those who need it.

Please let me know if you will be bringing a driver. Drivers get paid $100 per day.

Please let me know if you are bringing a high clearance 4 x 4 that is capable of taking 5 or more pilots and gear. Vehicle owners get free entry each day and their gas covered during the event plus $50 per day. Any money left over after paying expenses will be shared to vehicle owners to compensate for bringing vehicles out to the event.

The cost per day is $45 and this includes ride to launch and retrieve.

Please fill out the attached questionnaire indicating if you are coming to the event, what vehicle you are bringing and if you are bringing a driver. This is important to ensure that there are enough resources for the event.

See you all soon,


Donate Used -OLD WINGS & OLD Reserves – KEEN Footware & Cloudbase Foundation team up

Attention Pilots..We need your help! 
Donate your Used Wings and Old Reserves to Help Communities where we Fly!!!!!
KEEN Footwear and the Cloudbase Foundation are teaming up to Repurpose with a Purpose. We are looking for used wing donations that will be sewn to make bags. These bags will be sold at KEEN Festivals nationwide with all monies collected going directly to the Cloudbase Foundation’s projects. So whatever the bag sells for, Cloudbase will be given!
The primary objectives of the Cloudbase Foundation are to improve the health, education and general living conditions in communities where hang gliding and paragliding activities take place.
We know it is often hard to part with old wings as they cost a lot to purchase and we generally think there will be some way to use them again. This opportunity is a win-win as you will get a write-off that will help you clear up storage space as well.
If you donate you will be taking part in a program that:
1. Helps Communities in Need
2. Keeps a Huge Amount of Nylon out of Landfills and Your Garage
3. Raises Awareness for Hang Gliding and Paragliding, and the Great Projects the Cloudbase Foundation is Actively Encouraging
4. Provides a Charitable Donation Receipt to the Donor for a Wing that is Collecting Dust
5. KEEN Will Cover the Cost of Shipping (packaging excluded) the Wing Via Fedex

Here is how you send it:
Contact Ryan Sofich at He will send you back the address where to ship and the Fedex account to use. When you are filling in the shipping information at Fedex please include CBFequipment@gmail.comso that a tax receipt can be sent. Please also email with a list of what you sent, what the value would be if sold on open market, and your address to send the tax receipt.
We are not using the risers or the lines so if you would like to keep either, please do. If you have a newer wing that would be a great beginner glider and still has life in it please email first.
If you need further assistance email Nick Greece at
KEEN Project Center
att: Cloudbase Foundation
3449 N. Anchor St. Suite 400
Portland, OR 97217
You should ship “THIRD PARTY BILLING” using the below address as the bill to address associated with the account:
515 NW 13th AVE

Club meeting February 6th

Hello SBSA pilots,

We will be holding our monthly club meeting this Thursday Feb, 6th at Rusty’s pizza on Bath and Carrillo at 7pm.  

Please come and join us to socialize with your fellow pilots, hear the latest club news, and enjoy some pizza/beverages.   
We will be discussing some club business at the meeting and then Dave Turner (he currently holds the CA state paragliding distance record – 172.1 miles) will be doing an XC Presentation.  Dave has had some epic XC flights.  He will be discussing and showing some of his flights as well as some of the key aspects for flying XC.  This is your chance to pick his brain on his thought process for some of the routes he has taken.  This is going to be good so don’t miss out!
Thanks for reading and we hope to see you this Thursday at the club meeting.
-Jon Blake
SBSA President 2014

The Boy Who Flies screening

This Thursday, Dec 5th at our monthly club meeting.   Come join us.  Godfrey himself as well as the director will be present at the screening.   Get there early to get your food, beverages and seating.