SBSA semi-annual Big Sur Fall camping and flying trip

Hello Pilots,

The Semi-annual SBSA Big Sur Fall Flying trip is coming up soon (Oct. 18th -20th) so dust off that camping gear and get ready to fly the scenic Big Sur coastline. We’ve planned it on a full moon weekend which always brings out the wild side around the campsite!  Don’t miss out!!
We will be doing a potluck on Saturday night so plan to prepare a little extra if you wish to participate.
We have two group campsites at the Plaskett Creek campgrounds.  More details here.
While there is plenty of room for camping and socializing….the parking is limited so please start working with friends or contact other pilots and carpool.  There’s an added cost incentive for this as well. It will be the same as last year, $25 per car for 2 nights or $15 per car for one night.  Cheaper by the carload.
If you play an instrument, bring it for the nightly jam session.
-Jon Blake
SBSA President 2013