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SBSA Fall Big Sur Flying & Camping Trip!

Nov 2nd – 4th

It’s time for the SBSA Fall Big Sur trip so here is the scoop!

**Note: Highway 1 is now open from the South.

Directions from the south

Get out that camping gear, get your flying gear dialed and get ready to come on out and join us for a fantastic weekend in Big Sur!!!

We’ve got a two big group camping spots at Plaskett Creek campground (groups sites 2 & 3), so bring your family and friends!

Carpooling is highly encouraged, plenty of tent space but limited parking spots in the groups sites.
Bring firewood for the bonfire pits!
There will be a potluck on Saturday night for those who wish to participate.

Big Sur is appropriate for all levels of pilots and partiers.

Plaskett Creek Campground
Getting There:
GPS Info. (Latitude, Longitude):
35.91722, -121.465
35°55’2″N, 121°27’54″W

Carpool Carpool Carpool! Camping fees for the group are per car, we will collect on Saturday night.
1 night = $15 per car
2 nights = $25 per car

Let’s fly!

Gibraltar road clean-up!

A great turnout of SBSA pilots made quick work of this Fall’s Gibraltar road clean-up. Two truckloads of trash in less than two hours

Directions to the Dunlap launch/ Sequoia Highlands camp

From Fresno, take Hwy 180 east towards Kings Canyon .  The following directions start at the intersection of Hwy 180 and Dunlap Rd. ( Turning right on Dunlap Rd will take you to the LZ in a couple of miles )

  • From the intersection of 180 and Dunlap road, continue east on Hwy 180 towards Kings Canyon . After 8 miles you will pass Snowline Lodge. In about 1 more mile there is an intersection and turn out for Millwood Rd ( which goes right down to the valley, so don’t turn right ) . Turn left, across the highway ,and look for an orange mailbox and a sign for Sequoia Highlands camp, directing you onto a paved road, Forest service road 13597.
  • Follow this about 1.0 mile to a slight left onto FS road 12501
  • Follow this about 1.9 miles to a slight left onto FS 12519 ( I think this is a dirt road )
  • Go 1.5 mile to the launch, and the camp.
  • There should be green signs along the route directing you to Sequoia Highlands
  • If you have trouble, their phone is 559-336-9425, or ask the folks at Snowline lodge for directions


The dunlap club trip is coming up in a week. This is a fun thermal site with cross country potential located in the western Sierras just outside of Kings Canyon. Sounds like a fair number of people are planning on coming, and Mitch and Kevin are bringing up the Eagle van for shuttles.

I confirmed that Sequoia Highlands, which is next to launch, will be available for camping, and the plan is to have this as our base of operations. They have a large mess hall with a kitchen we can use, and an outdoor barbecue pit. Bathrooms and showers are also available. Cost is $15 per person per night. The cabins will not be available, as they are being used by a large group for a family reunion.

It sounds like most people will be coming up Friday night. The host, Johnny, will leave a sign in list in the mess hall, and requests everyone sign in. He will collect Friday, or Saturday for late arrivals.

There might also be camping in the LZ, but I haven’t confirmed that yet.

The launch is a short walk from the campground. The basic drill is wander over midmorning, launch when it comes on , fly local or XC, and get a ride back up later in the van. We’ll figure out the details Saturday morning.

The address of Sequoia Highlands Resort is 45002 E. Kings Canyon. Easy to map for directions.  Basically east of Fresno in the Sierra Foothills, about a 4 1/2 hour drive from Santa Barbara.

A google search of ” Dunlap flying site” will turn up several sources. Here’s one:

But beware that the situation ( ownership ) in the LZ has changed in the past couple of years, so some of the older hits may be inaccurate about certain requirements..