Whowantsto fly and camp at Pine May 27-31? Will do some motoring and free flying. Txt or call Bryan 818 4258181

Welcome to the New and Improved SBSA Website

Hey gang! Welcome to the new and improved SBSA website. The Board of Directors has been hard at work to bring you an updated website that’s easier to use – especially on mobile devices.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions, please contact John McMahon.

SB XC League? Interested?

Is this club interested in sponsoring a type of competition similar to the Nor.Cal XC League? or So Cal versions? Is it worth it or are these other two border states better for comps?

I would be interested if this has been talked about and if there are already decisions about it.  Bringing people together from the LA/VTA/SB county area for ‘beginner’ competitions would be great…

We have such huge knowledgebase in our local advanced pilots, it would be great to create a forum in which to benefit – the whole mentor thing, etc… Plus the visiting pilots are included.

Just thinking.

Help needed for this weekend’s Memorial Service for Ron Faoro

Hi Everyone,

Here is some updated information regarding this weekend’s Memorial Service for Ron.

The Memorial Service will be held this Sunday, March 22nd at Elings Park – Godrick Grove, 10:30 AM.

1. Parking may be an issue for the service. Please carpool as much as possible to help save parking spaces

2. The family has asked for a few volunteers to assist with cleanup after the event (approx 2:30 – 5pm). Elizabeth has asked that his close friends participate in the reception but would still like to have some help in the cleanup during the event.

3. The family does not have any pictures of Ron flying. If anyone has any pics of Ron flying or with his flying friends, to please forward them to her. Feel free to contact the Board for her email to send pictures (keeping any spam bots from pulling her address from our site).


Thank you everyone for your help!

Visiting Pilot, Looking to fly 3/5-3/7

Hello fellow SB pilots! I’m one of the advanced instructors up in the Bay Area, been flying for 16 years, but amazingly enough I’ve never flown any of the sites around here. Let me know if anyone is flying Thurs 3/5, since I’ll only be here through Sat.

I’m all paid up for your club dues as per your web site and I’m lookin forward to a site intro on one (or all) of the next three days! I’ve got my T2 and my big rig that can carry tons of gliders and people. If I don’t hear from anyone, I guess I’ll just search for one of the LZ’s and lurk around starting at 9am.

-Kurtis Carter

510-517-4965  (personal cell, T-Mobile)

707-331-2210 (work cell, Verizon)

Ham Radio: will monitor 146.460