EJ bowl to East Beach

Met Cracka, Bob, Bart and Dave B at parma at 11:30ish.  We took Bart’s van and headed up to EJ Bowl.  Bo and another visiting pilot were setup on launch and checking out the conditions.   It was blowing in nice between 5-10 miles per hour.  We didn’t waste any time, got setup and ready to go.  Aaron hucked first with Bo and the visiting pilot on his heals.   Bob A. went next and I followed him.  Bart was off next and Dave right behind him.  It was quickly an air party!  Nice lift at launch and everyone easily made it over to tag La Cumbre peak and climb out.  Bob headed over to R&R and we all eventually followed, climbing out there and then heading to Thermal Factory.  Good lift all over….with typical rough edge here and there but pretty mellow overall.

Bob continued to head down range and Aaron and Dave followed.  Bart and I hung out as we watched them scratch low for a bit down range.  Eventually they all got some lift, Bob and Aaron headed back toward Parma, Dave took the glide out to Summerland Beach.  Bart and I headed out to East Beach.  Easy buoyant glide out with butter smooth air.  All landed safely, it was a good day!

Max Alt. 4290ft
Max up. 800fpm
Max down. 700fpm
1 hr 20 min flight
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