Kristyn Pratt King: SURVIVOR

Kristyn Pratt King

On August 19, 2014 I was at kickboxing class, I didn’t feel right when I got to my van after class. So, I went back in to ask a friend for a ride home. Lucky for me a nurse was waiting for the next class and she called 911. An ambulance came and on the way to the hospital I had 2 massive heart attacks, then when they got me into a Cath Lab I proceeded to have 20 heart attacks and a stroke. The doctors kept trying to put stints in but they would not hold. I died 13 times that night, but I kept coming back. The hospital I was taken to was not equipped to handle my case, so they put me in a hypothermia state and helicoptered me to Cedar Sinai.

I was in and out of surgery for the next 2 weeks. My heart only had 5% function so they did lots of experimental procedures on me. And my leg had to be amputated above the knee. My chest was too narrow for the artificial heart so they put in 2 devices called an Lvad and Rvad. I was running on batteries.

On November 27th around midnight we got the call, I received a heart from a brave 19 year old girl named Chandler.

My rheumatologist and hematologist believe that the birth control I was on caused this catastrophic event. Please help me educate young women, your daughters, wives, partners, and friends that the side effects of Birth control are real. and not something to be taken lightly.

I am permanently missing my leg and my heart.

— All donations go directly to Kristen Pratt King and her recovery —