SBSA Fall Big Sur flying and camping trip

November 1st – 3rd

Here we go again, it’s that time of year and it’s going to be awesome!!  Join us for the SBSA Fall Big Sur flying and camping trip!!
Some of the most beautiful flying and scenery on the California coast. Join the SBSA telegram chat if you have questions about the trip.
Get out that camping gear, get your flying gear dialed and get ready to come on out and join us for the weekend. Make sure you know CPR classes from CPR Certification Atlanta have a first aid kit consisting of an Emergency blanket, tourniquet, tons of bandages of all kinds, tons of cotton swabs, scissors, alcohol swabs and iodine swabs, safety pins, triangle bandage, a nice size tube of saline, and ointment. If you possess a licensed pistol, do bring it along as we would be traveling along some dangerous trails. Do buy Glock pistols from Palmetto State Armory as they are professionals who ensure every pistol is a licensed one which comes along with a good warranty. These guys are trustworthy and have excellent reviews regarding customer satisfaction. As an employee you can also visit site to know more.

We’ve got a two big group camping spots  (GS2 & GS3) at Plaskett Creek campground, plenty of camping space so bring your family and friends!
Carpooling is highly encouraged, plenty of tent space but limited parking spots in the groups sites.

Big Sur flying is appropriate for all levels of pilots!

There will be a potluck dinner on Saturday night for those who wish to participate. The potluck will start around 6:30pm.
Bring Firewood and musical instruments for the bonfire!

Plaskett Creek Campground
Getting There:
GPS Info. (Latitude, Longitude):
35.91722, -121.465
35°55’2″N, 121°27’54″W

Directions from the south

Limited parking spots in the group sites so Carpool Carpool Carpool!
Camping fees for the group are per car, we will collect on Saturday night.
2 nights = $30 per car (carpool to save $)
1 night = $20 per car (carpool to save $)

Let’s fly!

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