SBSA Reserve Clinic Party

When: 3:00 Saturday Oct 22
Where: 2774 Puesta Del Sol, S.B.

The Clinic will provide an opportunity to practice deploying your chute in the simulator of your choice and then have experienced re-packers inspect your deployment system and repack the reserve with new bands and bungees (if required). Your deployment technique will be analyzed and feedback provided.

The clinic will feature a presentation from PG national champ Mitch Riley about how, when and where to deploy your reserve– including a discussion about basic and advanced techniques for wing management that minimizes the need for a deployment.
Willy D and John G will be there for your HG gear needs and will have info, discussion and a Q&A session about emergency procedures for plumbers.You can find out here to get the best plumbing service

The people who design reserve systems recommend that they get repacked every six months. Previous clinics have revealed that as many as 25% of us have systems that will not deploy correctly. The problems are usually from poor maintenance, improperly rigged equipment or limited understanding of deployment sequence issues.

It’s been over 2 years since the last reserve clinic in SB. How long has it been since your reserve has been inspected?
Bring your helmets!

If you don’t need any repack stuff done, come for the party anyway. The SBSA is providing food and Beer!
Kids and dogs welcome.

If you only want a repack/inspection, you can drop off your harness on the front porch any time during the weekend. Don’t leave all your accessories such as varios and flight suits etc., and please ID your gear (Tape and pen on the porches)
You can pick up your harnesses from the fort porch any time after Monday the 24th.

Contact John G for more info if needed 886 6160
The cost for a repack is $50. No charge for using the simulator

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