Spot landing contest Thursday at Elings

Got skills? Let’s see ’em!

We will be having a spot landing contest at Eling’s flight park (training hill) starting at 4:30pm on this Thursday, Sept. 12th.

Everyone is welcome to come out and enjoy so bring your family and friends. Plan is to have a little happy hour sunset watching following the contest.  Come on out and try your spot landing skills.  We will have some prizes to give away for those that come the closet to the cone.  Markers will be provided.

Some simple rules:
It’s where your feet touch the ground that marks your landing
You must land on your feet
No drinking and flying

We will start at 4:30pm and end around 6pm (if students are still flying, please give them priority and stay out of their way)

Hope to see you out there this Thursday!



Updated with some photo’s from the spot landing contest.


IMG_4816 (Medium) IMG_4817 (Medium) IMG_4818 (Medium) IMG_4819 (Medium) IMG_4821 (Medium) IMG_4822 (Medium) IMG_4823 (Medium) IMG_4824 (Medium) IMG_4826 (Medium) IMG_4831 (Medium) IMG_4833 (Medium) IMG_4835 (Medium) IMG_4836 (Medium) IMG_4837 (Medium) IMG_4838 (Medium) IMG_4839 (Medium) IMG_4840 (Medium) IMG_4843 (Medium) IMG_4844 (Medium) IMG_4845 (Medium) IMG_4846 (Medium) IMG_4847 (Medium) IMG_4848 (Medium) IMG_4850 (Medium) IMG_4852 (Medium) IMG_4853 (Medium) IMG_4854 (Medium) IMG_4855 (Medium) IMG_4856 (Medium) IMG_4858 (Medium) IMG_4859 (Medium) IMG_4860 (Medium) IMG_4862 (Medium) IMG_4863 (Medium) IMG_4864 (Medium) IMG_4869 (Medium) IMG_4870 (Medium) IMG_4871 (Medium) IMG_4872 (Medium) IMG_4874 (Medium) IMG_4878 (Medium) IMG_4881 (Medium) IMG_4885 (Medium) IMG_4887 (Medium) IMG_4891 (Medium)

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  1. Jon Blake
    Jon Blake says:

    it went well. Willy won for HG and Leanne (Chad’s wife) won for PG. It was a great time and we had a couple dozen people come out. We hope to do it more often. I’m going to write it up and post some pictures here in the next day or so.

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