Sylmar Spring Air 2014


Saturday May 17th, 2014 Sylmar, CA.

This is a one day, fun competition to celebrate the return of spring (but in California, some would argue we are in a perpetual spring enviroment). No cost for the pilots. There is no rain date set. All pilots must have a current USHPA rating card on their person and must either be a SHGA club member in good standing (meaning your dues are paid and up to date), or have paid the SHGA day use fee.

Competition / Events Schedule

9:30 AM – 11 AM . Pilot Check-in / GPS registration/prep
10:45 AM . . Pilot’s Meeting for all competitors
12:00 PM . . Launch window opens for All Classes
1:00 PM . . Start window opens for Sport Class
1:30 PM . . Start window opens for Open Class
4:00 PM . . BBQ Starts!
5:30 PM . . Awards

Transportation to launch is the responsibility of the pilot. Kagel can accomodate about 20 – 30 pilots, another launch at towers can accomodate about 10 – 15 pilots, but is an H4 site only (no PG).

If you are a visiting pilot then it will be best to arrive early and get a site briefing if you have not been here before. There is a good overview on the SHGA web site. Rules and guidlines and Site Dangers and Paragliding info are posted.

Open Class – open to all hang glider pilots that hold a H3 or above. Rigid wing pilots will be handicapped.
Sport Class – open to all pilots flying a king posted glider or paraglider. Pilots must be a H3 or above.
Fun Class – open to all pilots flying single surface gliders and paragliders. H3 pilots or above, H2 pilots can fly but MUST HAVE an instructor sign off or prior permission to fly in the comp.

Required Equipment – Helmet, functioning radio, GPS, parachute, cell phone. If your GPS has a special adapter to connect to a computer, then you would be well advised to bring it with you. The score keeper will be equipped to handle USB connected devices and serial devices through a USB to serial adpater.

There is wifi connectivity at the LZ with OK bandwidth. You’ll need to see the scorekeeper to get the access code. If you are not a member of SHGA, you will need to prove that you have paid the day use fee to get the code.

Open Class – Usually will fly a triangle or lap race consisting of an entry start at the far end of the course and navigate the task hitting all turnpoints in the order specified. Turnpoint radius will be assigned the day of the task and will either be 400m or 200m depending on task and course length. The task comittee can chose a regatta start (where all pilots start at the same time) or can elect to use start intervals (normally intervals are used). Intervals will normally be 10 to 20 minutes apart with 2 or 3 intervals depending on the time between intervals, unless there is low participation , then we’ll have one start time (regatta). Fastest elapsed time wins. You must complete the course to receive arrival points otherwise only distance points will be awarded.

Sport Class – Task will normally be run like the open class with the course being shorter. The start cylinder will usually be at the opposite end of the open class task. Open to most P3 and H3 pilots that choose to fly king posted gliders

Fun Class – Task normally consists of accumulation of turnpoints. All turnpoints are worth the same. Turnpoints may only be scored once. Getting the most turnpoints in the shortest time wins. Best suited for PG and HG that have limited experience navigating a course via their instrument.

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