Greetings SBSA current member pilots!

In order to help support better communications while trying to get a group to go flying we are using the Telegram chat application.  The Telegram chat is a phone app that will allow notifications when posts are made to the group.  Pilots can use the group chat to coordinate flying activities.  The chat can also use it for occasional notifications that need to be relayed to pilots about information for flying our local sites. Please remember and keep in mind when posting the guidelines below.

If you are a visiting pilot, please sign up for the SBSA membership  and read the visiting pilot page before joining the SBSA group chat.

Telegram App

Guidelines for SBSA Telegram Chat

Similar to text, each post may notify hundreds of users.  Please post with that in mind, be thoughtful around the content and the time of day that you are posting. SBSA is PST time zone. Keep it fun and lighthearted so everyone enjoys being a member of the chat.

What the Telegram is intended for

  • This main use of the SBSA chat is intended for current SBSA members organizing free flight and logistics around getting to launch or getting rides after flying.
  • Posting information/pictures around your recent flights in the SB area and conditions is encouraged.
  • Organizing club trips for flying at other locations
  • Announcing club meetings and gatherings
  • Announcing changes to guidelines or rules around flying in and around Santa Barbara

What the Telegram is not intended for

  • Topics not directly related to flying in the local SB mountains (this chat is not meant to be social media to post whatever you feel like, please stay on topic)
  • Debating topics and stating opinions
  • Organizing flying from individuals who are not current SBSA members at sites not in or around Santa Barbara
  • Posting “for sale” messages for equipment, use the forums designed for it or reach out to the local schools.
  • Chit chat between a few individuals, use direct messaging or create a new telegram group

What do you need to do to join the SBSA Telegram group chat?


Download and install the Telegram messenger app for your device!


Upon successfully joining the SBSA via SBSA membership page, you will be sent a one time use link to Join the SBSA telegram chat group. Once you have Telegram installed on your IPhone or Android phone click on the link and you will be automatically added to the group. If you leave the group after joining you will need to reach out to an admin if you want to rejoin.

The telegram app has notifications that will help when trying to coordinate to go flying. You may want to learn about the notifications and how to turn them on and off. For instance when you are at work and everyone is blowing up your phone with notifications that they are going flying might be a good time to turn off the notifications rather then removing the app because you are annoyed that you can’t go flying. Just turn them back on when you do want to go flying and get the messages that people are meeting to go fly.

If you have any questions – please email the club and we’ll get you squared away (

Telegram notifications tips

The general settings for notifications on Telegram lets you customize the notifications for the entire chats and groups. But to disable notification for a specific chat or a group, you need to do as follows..

Android smartphones

  1. Open the Telegram on your Android device
  2. Tap the chat > conversation > group you want to manage
  3. Tap the contact > group name on the top to open the details
  4. Tap the Notifications and Sounds option
  5. Manage the notifications, including the vibration and sound

Apple iPhone

  1. Open Telegram App
  2. Go to Telegram Settings
  3. Tap Notifications and Sounds
  4. Select Group Notifications
  5. Select desired settings